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T. Okamura, Kadowaki, H., Shibata, C., Suzuki, E., Uenishi, H., Hayashi, T., Mikawa, S., Awata, T., Okumura, N., Matsumoto, T., Kanaya, N., Mikawa, A., Toki, D., and Suzuki, K., Genome-Wide Scan and Fine-Mapping of QTL for Respiratory Disease in Landrace Purebred Swine, Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, vol. Species breeding: Pig breeding - Poster Sessions, p. 0186, 2010. (250.39 KB)
K. Suzuki, Sato, Y., and Oikawa, T., Direct response on restricted feeding and correlated response on full feeding to selection in performance test traits in pigs., vol. 23: Opening: plenary; technology; transfer; beef cattle; dairy cattle; pigs., pp. 679–682, 1998. (269.43 KB)
K. Suzuki, Nishida, S., and Ujiie, S., Correlated responses in daily protein, fat deposition and protein conversion ratio to index selection for daily gain, backfat thickness and eye muscle area in Landrace pigs., Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics applied to Livestock Production, vol. 19. Selection and quantitative genetics; growth; reproduction; lactation; fish; fiber; meat., pp. 79–82, 1994. (202.3 KB)