In 1944 D i c k e r s o n and H a z e l published an important paper on the effectiveness of selection based on progeny testing results as a supplement to earlier culling in livestock. They also gave the quantitative expression of the worth of this method from the point of view of genetic gain. R e n d e l and R o b e r t s o n (1950) adapted these principles for the study of the effectiveness of selection in dairy cattle in the case of closed population without progeny testing. At the same time R o b e r t s o n and R e n d e l (1950) elaborated this system using progeny testing in dairy cattle. M a h a d e v a n (1950, 1951) applied then this method for the estimation of genetic gain in commercial and leading dairy herds of Ayrshire cattle. The same was done by R e n d e l , R o b e r t s o n and A l i m (1951) in 22 herds of seven various breeds of dairy cattle.

R. Siler, L. Sereda

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume 3, Madrid, Spain, 693–699, 1974
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