Genetic resistance to classical MD has been well documented by H u tt and Cole in 1947. Breeding programmes for the selection of resistance stock have been proposed and practiced for the control of acute MD (C ole, 1968; B ig g s et al, 1968). The nature of this resistance, however, has not been defined as it was for L/S group of viruses (Cr itten d en, 1968). Although the symptoms of these two diseases are very similar in many respects and sometimes these were not separable by necropsy, it is well known that the mechanisms for genetical resistance to MD and L/S viruses are different (Critten d en and B u rm ester, 1969). 

Y. Yamada

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume 2, Madrid, Spain, 191–203, 1974
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