The longterm objective of a commercial breeding program for egg production stock can be defined in different ways. With an integrated egg production unit in mind, one could postulate a maximum number of marketable eggs at minimum production cost. This definition includes parent performance, livability, egg mass output, feed consumption and egg quality. From the viewpoint of a breeding company, a further point may be added: to minimize the risk of investing selection efforts for traits of only temporary economic importance, thus diluting the possible progress for general productivity. The objective may then be stated as follows: to maximize genetic progress in total economic value, subject to possible changes in the environment, in order to insure the economic survival of the breeder against competitors and to provide a continuous supply of the best possible genetic stock to egg producers

D. K Flock

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume 1, Madrid, Spain, 925–930, 1974
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