Selection la an Important tool for investigating tho gnnutic mechanism involved in the Inheritance of quantitative characters* Tha usefulness of artificial selection rests on its ability to predict accurately tha outcome of selection studies* Tha response to selection can be predicted with the parameters of base population and in a funotion of hcrltcbillty,phenotypic standard deviation and selection intensity* Hcrltability,thersfore, is an inevitable parameter used in prediction of response* The expected estimates of harltability,baaed on resemblanoe between relatives! can be obtained in advance but are of practical value only( if they accurately reflect the realised heritebility* It is* thereforefnecessary to obtain accurate and unbiased estimates of genetic parameters necessary for drawing valid conclusions and prediction of response to selection* Accordingly,a large pedigreed populntion w-s ueed for estimation of gsnetio parameters for pupal weight*

R.S. Pandey, V. K Taneja

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume 7. Symposia (1), , 56-59, 1982
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