Meat efficiency was studied in half-year old female lambs of improved Sumava breed. In the experimental group the average amount of digestible proteins fed was 0.044 kg/ 50.0 % / and of starch units 0.245 kg / 33.15%/. higher. However, the consumption of nutrients pec 1 kg of live weight in the experimental group was lower, in digestible proteins 1,02 kg/ 34.24%/ and in starch units 4.817 kg/ 82.91%/. The lambe from the experimental group showed 33.55% higher slaughter wight, 1,73% higher dressing percentage and 35.90% higher weight of cooled carcasses. There was a higher proportion of individual parts of the body: e.g. the leg was bigger by 2.85%, the cutlet by 2.02% and the chest by 2.17%. The increase of the amount of muscle tissue was the following: in the leg 3.5%, in the kidney and cutlet 3.6% and in the shoulder 3.2%. The amount of fat increased in the leg only 3.3%. On the other hand in the control group increased proportion of bones was found with the following percentages: in the leg 6,8%, in the kidney and cutlet 3.7% and in the shoulder 2.6%.

B. Cumlivski

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume 7. Symposia (1), , 449, 1982
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