Detailed description of bovine chromosomes has been achieved by using acridine  orange fluorescent R-banding after late BrdU in corporation (RBA technique). This procedure, compared to either G or Q banding techniques, has been found to be faster,more reliable and more resolutive ; the visualization , in fact , of details such as variable bands and telomeres, allows definite identification of all the chromosomes, especially the small acrocentrics . The use of this technique for routine analysis of cattle chromosomes is , therefore , strongly recommended. The adoption of a common system of nomenclature is also desirable in order to avoid misclassification of chromosomes involved in structural abnormalities as well as to trace evolutionary relationships among the Bovidae.This paper is a contribution for the establishment of a standard R-ban- ded karyotype of cattle .

D. Berardino, L. Iannuzzi

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume 8. Symposia (2), , 447, 1982
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