In moat beef c a ttle crossbreeding studies that in volve production of crossbred calves from straightbred cows, researchers have studied differences in performance o f the d ifferen t crossbred c a lf groups and differen ces between straightbred and crossbred calves. I f there are important differen ces among groups of calves for traits such as weaning weight, then it is possible that some groups o f calves stressed th eir dams to a greater degree than other groups o f calves. I t may be possible to detect increased stress on the cow by measuring cow tra its such as weight, measures o f body condition, milk production, reproduction and changes in weight and condition. The objective of this study was to compare traits of straightbred Hereford cows that produced Hereford, Angus - Hereford, 1/4 Simmental - 3/4 Hereford and 1/2 Simmental - 1/2 Hereford calves.

D. D Kress, D. E Doornbos, D. C Anderson

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume 8. Symposia (2), , 387–392, 1982
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