Presantly various lir a evaluation methods are being used in India for efficien t progeny testing programmes for buffaloes. A ll these methods assume that service sire has no significant influence of any magnitude in the performance o f its mate. However, recent investigations by Skjervold and Finland,1975} Adkiraon e£ jfcl.,1977; Taylor at s i * , 1978 ; Tomar,l981 in cattle and by Basu and Tomar,l981 in murrah buffaloes have revealed that such influence does exist.
Under such a situation a ll methods of sire evaluation are lik ely to be biased unless corrected or adjusted for the effect o f service sire , i f present. VanVlaek,1978 has proposed a genetic model for this influence where hormones produced by foetal placental units seem to be implicated. 
Therefore, the present investigation was undertaken to examine the effect of dam's sire , service sire , breeding value o f service sire and sex o f the c a lf on the maternal performance in ensuing lactation o f N lll breed o f buffaloes.

A. Sharma, S. S Tomar, S. B Basu

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume 8. Symposia (2), , 84–91, 1982
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