Hungary has the largest Holstein stock (about 30.000 female individuals) in Europe. Within 20 years the Hol- stein-type cattle stock will be increased about up to 600 thousand females (mostly Black-and-white coloured animals) by using upgrading breeding program to improve dairy production of the Hungarian Simmental base population. Also in some other countries in Europe ( for example in Switzerland, Austria, Bavaria, Czechoslovakia, the Soviet Union) there exists great interest not only for Black-and-White, but also for Red-and-White coloured Holstein bulls in order to improve local cattle breeds by cross-breeding. According to gene-frequency investigations (Sebestv6n, 1980) about 10 % of the Hungarian Holstein population carry the red factor as "Carrier" (heterozygous individuals). Besides that stock there are a small Red-and-White nucleus herd and a large number of cross-bred cows of Red-and-White type at the time being in Hungary. Because of the great importance of the international integration of the breeding work in the field of cattle production, it may be international interest to evaluate the progeny testing results of high-quality US-Holstein bulls. 

J. Dohy, I. Boda, A. Kovach

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume 8. Symposia (2), , 159–163, 1982
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