Extensive literature reviews of crossbreeding results with 
pigs have been presented by GLODEK (1970) and SELLIER (1970 
and 1976), summarizing most pig breeding results relevant to 
this topic up to 1970. Further detailed discussions on this 
subject were held in 1974 at the ZEIST-SYMPOSIUM on BREED 
EVALUATION and CROSSING, where in particular DICKERSON'S 
(1969, 1970, 1973) model equations, as proposed and as ad
justed according to SMITH (1964), MOAV (1966) and JAKUBEC 
and FEWSON (1970) to profit equations, provided theoretical 
measures of comparisons between potential crosses. This 
approach was also mainly followed in the NORDIC SYMPOSIUM 
on CROSSBREEDING in PIGS, held in 1975 in Copenhagen, where 
new Scandinavian experiments were compared with British and 
German field trial results. There SCHLOTE et al. presented 
individual heterosis estimates for single crosses of 3 Euro
pean and 2 American breeds. The last EAAP-Symposium on cross
breeding was also held in Copenhagen in 1974, where a survey 
of new findings from Belgium, the Netherlands and Poland to
gether with the above mentioned more recent European experi
mental results were given (GLODEK, 1974). Since then we in 
Europe have concentrated on the evaluation of practical hybrid 
products rather than doing further test crossing experiments, 
and their results, although regularly reviewed and discussed 
at annual EAAP-meetings, do not provide useful data for he
terosis estimates.

P. Glodek

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume 6. Round tables, , 243–253, 1982
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