Milk constituent* namely fat* protein# lactose# solids- not-fat (BNP) and total solids (TS) are the Important determiners of the market value of milk. Exotic as well as indigenous breeds of cattle possess varying properties of different milk constituents in their milk and theif drosses are expected to have still more variation in milk composition. A good deal of work has already been done on genetic parameters of milk composition in exotic breeds of cattle but very little work has been done in indigenous breeds (Arora# 1981). However# not much is known about the genetic parameters like heritabi- lity (h2) and genetic correlation (rg) of milk constituents in eroSsbredo of different exotic breeds with lnddgenous breeds in particular to crosses of Gir (G) with Holstein Prleslan (H)# Jersey (J) and Brown Swiss (BS)

J. S Arora, H. KB Parekh

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume 7. Symposia (1), , 178–184, 1982
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