Twelve female calves, each of Karan SWiss crossbred and murrah breeds, from the Institute herd were selected. The calves were di vided into three groups viz. Control, Experimental I and Experimen tal II. In control group, the farm feeding schedules was followed and in Experimental I whole milk was completely replaced by skim milk after one month. In Experimental group II the skim milk was given just after colostrum feeding period. The overall growth rate for calf per day in Karan Swiss calves was 423 g, 464 g and 554 g in Control, Experimental I and Experimental II group respectively. The corresponding figures for murrah calves were 439 g, 386 g and 404 g per day. Upto the age of 6 months, overall increase in chest girth in control group of Karan Swiss calves was 1.74+0.10 cm, wihile in Experimental group I and group II it was 1.86+8.11 and 1.90+0.08 cm, respectively. In murrah calves, the overall chest girth increased by 1.81+0.13, 1.59+0.10 and 1.74+0.10 cm per week upto 6th month of age. The comparison of three calf feeding regi mes suggested that Karan Swiss female calves performed better on skim milk based feeding schedule.

P.K. Nagpaul, S.B. Thorat

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume 7. Symposia (1), , 429, 1982
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