Like in most West European coun tries, the H olstein breed i s spreading dram atically in France (ta b le s 1 and 2 ). This extension i s probably linked to the present economic context, in which emphasis is la id on milk c a p a c itie s. The consequence o f th ese fa c t s on our n a t io n a l m ilk and b e e f production may be evaluated by estim ating the d iffu s io n o f H olstein genes at f i r s t . A f i r s t attem pt made in France some y e a rs ago (COLLEAU, 1978) showed that the French F riesian population would most lik e ly be stron gly penetrated by the H olstein genes. The purpose o f the present paper i s to give the main re s u lts o f a second work, taking in to account the recent acceleration o f the process, e sp e c ia lly in young b u lls .

J. J Colleau, D. Tanguy, P. Boulanger, P. Le Mezec

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume 8. Symposia (2), , 69–73, 1982
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