Many experiments show boars to be superior to castrates in growth , 
feed conversion and meatiness. But in many countries boar meat is 
discriminated , as it smells like boar taint . According to MALMFORS 
and HANSSON (1974) consumers had identified 20 % of  meat samples 
as boar meat, but only 1.5 % was not acceptable . As sex odour is 
m inly caused by the steroid 5a-androstenone, which is radioimmuno- 
logically measurable, we started as election experiment for increasing and decreasing the 5a-androstenone content in boars w ith 
an age o f 170, 190 and 210 days.

H. Willeke, F. Pirchner

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume 8. Symposia (2), , 493–497, 1982
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