A new method fo r simultaneous v is u a liz a tio n -under flu o resc en c e- o f S is te r Chromatid Exchanges and Q-bands on the same metaphase chromosomes is presented. Mammalian c e l l s are cu ltu red fo r two c e ll c y c le s in BrdU containing medium,as fo r S is t e r Chromatid D iffe r e n t i a l s ta in in g . Before the completion o f the second S-phase, the cu ltu res are washed tw ice and the c e lls are allow ed to en ter G,,and m ito sis in a BrdU-free medium. The a ir d ried c y to lo g ic a l preparations stained with a crid in e orange bu ffered so lu tio n (0.1M, ph=7.0) w ill show metaphase chromosomes with S is te r Chromatid D iffe r e n t ia l s t a i ning and Q-bands. This technique is sim ple, fa s t and r e lia b le ; i t allow s id e n t ific a t io n o f in d ivid u a l chromosomes and lo c a tio n o f the exchange s it e s , thus provid in g a d d itio n a l c y to lo g ic a l in form ation fo r the knowledge and understanding o f chromosome stru ctu re and function.

D. Berardino, L. Iannuzzi

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume 8. Symposia (2), , 446, 1982
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