Multiple molecularforms of enzymes, "isozymes" are found in many organisms and Alkaline Phosphatase is one of them (Tamaki and Tanabe, 1970). Law and Munro (1965) and Wilcox (1966) reported the genetic control of AKP isozymes in chicken. Many workers have reported two mutually exclusive forms of serum AKP isozymes, one of which migrated decidedly faster than the other (Fo>gh and Wilcox, 1971; Savage et al ., 1971; Banerjee, 1973; Jain et*aL, 1976; Singh et a]., 1976; Jain and Rawat, p 1977). Further, higher plasma AKP activity has also been reported for AKPr isozyme types (Wilcox, 1966a; Tamaki & Tanabe, 1970; Amin et al., 1980 and Rao et al., 1980a). A favourable association between serum AKPr type and egg production have been reported by Wilcox (1966); Chaudhary et^al. (1971) and Amin et a_L (1980). However, Engh & Wilcox (1971); Csuka and Petrovski (1972) and Tamaki and Watanabe (1977) did not find any favourable association between AKP types and egg production. The present study was undertaken to estimate relationship between AKP type, their level of activity and some economic traits in WLH pullets maintained at Government Poultry Project, Makarba, Ahmedabad. The serum samples were collected at 10 weeks of age from 269 pullets belonging to 24 sire progeny groups. Horizontal starch gel electrophoresis technique as suggested by Smithies (1955) was used to identify AKP^ and AKP$ isozymes.
The serum AKP activity was estimated as per method suggested by King and Armstrong (1934). The data on body weights at 8 weeks and 20 weeks of age (BWs and BW2o)r Age a* e99 (AFE), Egg weight (EW) and no. of eggs produced upto 280 days of age (EN) were collected from the farm records.

R. K Shukla, S. K Dalal, M. M Patel

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume 8. Symposia (2), , 813-818, 1982
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