Studies of twinning rate of women withi evidence of thyroid disease before the studied pregnancy, indicate a increased twinning rate in mothers with a history of thyroid pathology.  (De George, 1970).  Also other investigations on hyperthyroidism associatedc with pregnancy indicate an overrepresentation of twins in such prengancies (Galuboff, 1974, Pekonon et al.  1979).


The purpose of the present investigation was to study the twinning frequency of daughter groups of AI-bulls tested for scrum thryoxine level and thyroxine degradation rate, and to calculate the correlation coefficient bewteen the two parameters of thyroid activity and twinning frequency.

N. Standal, H. Solbu

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume 8. Symposia (2), , 154–158, 1982
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