A review of performance o f the swamp buffalo concerning reproductive tra its, growth and carcass, milk production, and work capacities was presented. The potential for breeding improvement of certain traits was discussed. Breeding objectives and goals to suit the need of Asian smallfarmers were emphasized. Breeding of swamp buffalo for draft and for multi-purpose was discussed. Genetic selection and crossbreeding of the swanp buffalo were reviewed. It was proposed that genetic selection for weight and gain should improve meat production as well as draft a b ility o f the swamp buffalo, while crossbreeding should be lim ited to ejqperimental scale until crossbred buffaloes have been w ell tested for farmers' acceptance under prevailing smallfarm conditions. The aspect of germplasm conservation was also emphasized.

C. Chantalakhana

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume IX. Breeding programs for dairy and beef cattle, water buffalo, sheep, and goats., , 694–702, 1986
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