Data on growth, feed efficiency, and backfat thickness of 179 performance tested pigs, productivity of 741 sows of the National Swine Research and Training Center, simple measurement of 97 growing pigs of the Kasetsart animal farm, Thailand and 9999 records of 23 correlated traits from the simulated data were analysed by the method of factor analysis. According to the analysis, six traits of simple measurement on conformation could be described by one common factor, while seven sow productivity traits resulted in two factors and 16 traits of performance tested pigs were effected by four factors. Ninety nine percent of variation of the simulated population was explained. Discussion on the result was made.

S. Faarungsang, S. Chantsavang, C. Chantalakhana

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume X. Breeding programs for swine, poultry, and fish., , 193–198, 1986
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