Twenty internationally accepted ELA antigens were determined in 140 sarcoid diseased horses. The typing results were computed breed‘for breed and these compared with control groups. In all 3 evaluated warmblooded horse breeds, ELA W13, a representative of the 2nd series of serologically detectable ELA antigens, occurred with increased freguency in the sarcoid groups (Swiss and French: P < 0.0001, Irish bred horses: 0.02). Further analysis of sarcoid affected animals lacking ELA W13 antigen showed an alternating increased occurrence of FLA A5 in Swiss and ELA W19 in Irish bred horses. The results show that the susceptibility to sarcoid is stronoly associated with or linked to the ELA system in horses.

S. Lazary, H. Gerber, M. L Dubath, C. von Tscharner, C. Gaillard

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume XI. Genetics of reproduction, lactation, growth, adaptation, disease, and parasite resistance., , 654–657, 1986
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