The responses of sheep to an injection with human serum albumin (HSA) and to an infection with the parasite Haemonchus contortu s were compared in relation to haemoglobin genotype. The subjects were 51 female lambs of the R o m a n o v breed, and were the offspring of 8 sire-families. The 51 animals fell into 3 groups of 17, representing the three haemoglobin genotypes, Hb AA, AB and BB ; they were also tested for markers of the major histocompatibility system, OLA. Information was obtained on the development of immunity following exposure to the parasite, and its subsequent partial loss following drenching. The response to HSA did not show any positive correlation with resistance to H. c o n t o r t u s . Resistance to H. c o n t o r t u s appeared to be independent of Hb genotype. Association with OLA genotype was not excluded.

G. Luffau, T. C Nguyen, P. Cullen, Vu Tien J. Khang, J Bouix, G. Ricordeau

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume XI. Genetics of reproduction, lactation, growth, adaptation, disease, and parasite resistance., , 683–689, 1986
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