Results obtained in the last 15 years on the use of the genetic polymorphism of the ailk proteins in 
the field of animal br ee di ng are shortly reuieved. A picture as complete as possible of all the 
implications that arise for setting up pratical breeding scheme for the cheeseaaking characteristics 
of the ailk is drawn. 4958 first lactations of cows genotyped at loci of el, , K-casein and^J-lacto 
globulin were analized using a least square model containing the following effects: herd, (age x 
season), genotypes for the single loci, interaction among loci.
Results on ailk yield, fat % and protein % are synthetically reported.
A list of further in ve stigations that need to be done for clarifing open probleas in setting up 
selection strategies for the ch ee se aa ki ng characteristics is proposed.

R. Aleandri, A. Nardone, V. Russo

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume XII. Biotechnology, selection experiments, parameter estimation, design of breeding systems, management of genetic resources., , 64–69, 1986
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