In the paper the system of pig breeding on large state farms in Slovenia is presented. The testing and selection methods used for evaluating and selecting boars are described. Genetic gain achieved for different traits in the last ten years was estimated separately for each of the three purebreeds.
Estimated genetic and phenotypic (in brackets) change per year for Swedish Landrace was 0,71 days (-0,71), - 54 g (-39), -0,76 mm (-0,85), 8,13 (6,15) for fattening period (from 30-100 kg), feed conversion (from 30-100 kg),backfat thickness and index respectively. The same values for Large White were -2,22 days (-0,62), - 89 g (-33), 0,12 mm (-1,11), 8,92 (5,99) and 0,41 days (-0,44), -61 g (-28), -0,35 mm (-0,72), 6,40 (4,59) for German Landrace.
Estimated genetic change for feed conversion and index are significantly different from zero with all purebreeds. In addition with Large White the same is true also for the duration of fattening and with Swedish Landrace for backfat thickness.

A. Salehar, M. Kovac, F. Zagozen

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume X. Breeding programs for swine, poultry, and fish., , 120–129, 1986
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