Data on production and fertility traits of 5010 Swiss Braunvieh cows were analysed in order to investigate the influence of crossbreeding with American Brown Swiss on fertility and the genetic relationship between milk production and fertility. The differences between genetic groups of sires were not significant. Crossbreeding with American Brown Swiss, thus, did not affect fertility significantly. The heritabilities for number of breedings, calving interval, days open and time from first to last breeding were c a . 4 %, for the interval between calving and first breeding 9 %. Strong antagonistic genetic correlations were observed between milk yield and fertility traits, except for the interval between calving and first breeding. The genetic correlations between energy concentration of milk and fertility were favourable.

M. Schneeberger, C. Hagger

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume XI. Genetics of reproduction, lactation, growth, adaptation, disease, and parasite resistance., , 107–112, 1986
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