We are seeking an easy method for inserting beneficial genes into the germ line of poultry. We injected wild type and recombinant avian leukosis viruses (ALV) near the blastoderm of line 0 embryos just before incubation and progeny tested the surviving viremic males for transmitted viral genetic material. A number of positive progeny were identified and their DNAs were analyzed for restriction enzyme fragments that hybidized with ALV cloned DNA. Most of the progeny had simple restriction enzyme patterns unlike the viremic male parent and chicks congenitally-infected by viremic females. These data suggest that viral information has been inserted into the chicken germ line.

D. W Salter, E. J Smith, S. H Hughes, S. E Wright, L. B Crittenden

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume XII. Biotechnology, selection experiments, parameter estimation, design of breeding systems, management of genetic resources., , 51–56, 1986
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