A questionnaire concerning the sale of breeding boars, performance testing and selection practices was sent in 1984 to 1,181 U.S. Hampshire breeders. A total of 370 questionnaires were returned from 37 states. The number of breeders selling boars increased from 70S! in 1978 to 935: in 1984. About 325! of the breeders provided on-farm performance records on boars in 1978 compared with 425! in 1984. In 1978, 515! of the breeders were using at least one performance tested sire compared with 585! in 1984. Nearly all breeders used conformation and foot and leg structure to some extent as sire selection criteria in 1978 and 1984. In both years, at least 305! of the breeders consistently used pedigrees in sire selection. About 295! of the breeders consistently used performance records in sire selection in 1978 compared with 435! in 1984. About 985! of the breeders used visual reproductive traits in sire selection.

E. R Cleveland, Kim L Bunter

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume X. Breeding programs for swine, poultry, and fish., , 161–167, 1986
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