Tropical environmental conditions include in addition to extreme weather, some social, economical and political conditions which have to be considered as a whole. The gap between production marketing conditions prevailing in Latin America and industrial countries has widened, making transfer of technology increasingly difficult. The most important point is how the technical knowledge, already available, is to be brought into production. This is the main challenge. Fast increase of genetic potential for economically important traits can be brought by use of additive genetic differences among breeds, but there are economical limits to wide environmental modifications that allow the expression of those potentials. Resources should be concentrated on developing and improving stock for the production-marketing conditions. Wide applications of performance testing schemes have to be applied to monitor the success of the breeding schemes applied.

V. JA Ordonez

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume XV. Beef cattle, sheep and pig genetics and breeding, fibre, fur and meat quality., , 254–260, 1990
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