Progeny of topcrossings of Brown Swiss (predominantly European)) 
CharolaiS) Chianina> Limousin) Simmental and Indu-Brazil sires with Zebu cows were evaluated over 9 yr for preweaning and postweaning growth. Cows and calves were maintained all year around on African star (Cynodon plectostachyus). Cows were supplemented during the dry season and calves for 60 d> right after weaning> with 5 kg of sorghum per animal per day. Breed of sire of the calf was an importante source of variation for all traitst except for postweaning daily gain. Charolais (CA) and Chianina (Cl) crosses were5 on average) heavier at birth than Brown Swiss (B)> Indu-Brazil (I) and Limousin (L) crosses. Simmental (S) crosses were intermediate. Preweaning daily gain of CA> CI> S and B calves was greater than that of I calves. Limousin calves were intermediate and not different from I calves. Similarly) CA and S calves were heavier at weaning than I calves. All other crosses were intermediate. Differences between breeds of sire of the calf in postweaning daily gain were not significant; however) gains of Cl and CA calves were 10’/. higher and those of S> L and B calves were 5'/. higher than gains of I calves. In 18-mo wt> CA> CI> L and S calves were> on average) BY. heavier than I calves. Brown Swiss crosses were intermediate.

M. Montano, G. Martinez, O. Reynoso

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume XIV. Dairy cattle genetics and breeding, adaptation and conservation., , 390–393, 1990
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