The effect of inbreeding on productivity of 1522 ewes (born in 1980-1987) from a closed flock of Polish Lowland Sheep of the Zelazna variety was analysed. The average inbreeding coefficient was 3.17X and it varied from OX to 29X. The inbreeding depression in body weight and fleece weight of ten- month-old ewes was found (b = -0.231 and -0.016 for IX of inbreeding increase, respectively). A decrease of ewe prolificacy and lamb survival was observed in the group of ewes with a highest inbreeding <>5X>, but these results were not statistically significant.

K. M Charon, W. Olech, J. Lewczuk

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume XV. Beef cattle, sheep and pig genetics and breeding, fibre, fur and meat quality., , 84–87, 1990
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