A study on various follicle traits on 59 Patanwadi, 63 Marwa- ri , 78, Aus.Merino x Patanwadi, 54 Aus.Merino x Marwari, 131 R u s . Merino x Patanwadi and 135 Rambouillet x Patanwadi revealed that ~ follicle traits are highly affected by genetic groups of sheep (R^ value 17.04 to 49.05 %). The Hb types and K ion types, genetic groups x Hb types and Hb types x K ion types also significantly affected Fd and Fc of sheep (R^ Values below 4 % for all effects). The heritability estimates obtained from adjusted data were found to be 0.0780+0.1294, 0.1541+0.1426 and 0.0943+0.1321 for F d , Fc and Fci respectively. The Fcf and Fc showed strong and positive genetic correlation (0.933+0.090). The Fci showed strong and negative genetic correlations with Fd (-0.946+0.133) and Fc (-0.760+ 0.334). The Fci exhibited strong and positive re with YW (0.8527 0.162) and FYM (0.793+^0.219). The Fc showed strong and positive- r„ with FD (0.788_+0.263 ) . The other rp's between follicle traits and1’ YW and wool traits were in favourable direction (except between Fci x F D ) but statistically non significant.

R. K Shukla, J. V Solanki

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume XV. Beef cattle, sheep and pig genetics and breeding, fibre, fur and meat quality., , 139–142, 1990
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