A computational strategy is presented that allows rapid implementation of genetic evaluations using multivariate mixed models. Data generated in different testing programs like field test of boars and gilts, litter recording schemes, and station test of sibs, may be combined to provide an estimate of the aggregate genotype. Pseudo code is given for the implementation of a "generic" testing structure illustrated by an example based on two traits from field test of boars and four traits from station test of sibs. BLUP's for all six traits are calculated for boars, parents and sib groups. Aggregate genotypes which correspond to the selection indices commonly used are calculated for selection candidates.

M. Kovac, Eildert Groeneveld

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume XIII. Plenary lectures, molecular genetics and mapping, selection, prediction and estimation., , 468–471, 1990
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