Gains from se le c tio n have been observed in two experim ents w ith A tla n tic salmon. Mass se le c tio n for length in one study re su lte d in a re alize d h e rit a b ilit y of .27. A m ultiple objective index se le c tio n for growth and development in both freshw ater and saltw ater stages was applied in a second study. Responses were demonstrated in the growth of fry . Inform ation on later lif e stages is cu rre n tly being collecte d for the index se le ctio n study.

G. W Friars, J. K Bailey

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume XVI. Poultry, fish and horse genetics and breeding, growth and reproduction, immune response and disease resistance., , 159–162, 1990
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