Genomic DNA samples obtained from 53 rams and ewes of various breeds, from seven Saanen goats and seven Israeli Holstein dairy bulls were digested with BamHI, HindIII and EcoRI restriction enzymes and screened for restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) at the growth hormone (GH) gene. Except for one DNA sample which showed a single hybridization band following digestion with BamHI or Hindlll, all the sheep and goat DNA samples revealed two hybridization bands. On the other hand, only a single hybridization band was obtained following digestion of bovine DNA samples with BamHI or Hi ndIII. Digestion of sheep or cattle genomic DNA samples with EcoRI revealed either one or two hybridization bands. As there are no BamHI, Hindll or EcoRI restriction sites within the ovine GH gene it is suggested that while at the bovine GH locus there is a single gene copy, two gene copies are present at the sheep and goat GH locus, and the RFLP at the ovine oGH locus is due to variation in copy number

E. Gootwine, A. Valinsky, M. Shani

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume XIII. Plenary lectures, molecular genetics and mapping, selection, prediction and estimation., , 83–85, 1990
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