A modified exponential model was used to analyse the direct response of long term selection among full-sib-families (2d'/litter), 80 pairs per line, selection proportion 50%, selection for body weight and protein amount at 42 dj|ys (BW 42 2<f, PA 42 2<f) in outbred laboratory mice and to estimate realized h functions for the BW42 Vand PA 42 2cf. In the BW-line the BW 42 Vwas increased after 50 generations by 26. 5g, 11.5s , 21s or to 196% of the start value (27. 7g). A selection limit can be expected atg61. 2g. Realized h2 at the start was 0. 299 and at the end of selection 0. 04. The half-life was about 20 generations or 0. 17Ne. The PR Vincreased from 3. 14g by 2. 2g (70%; 8.6s ; 23s ). The half-life was about 33 generations. Realized n decreased fromp0. 15 ?o 0.05. The selection for PA was accompanied by a strong increase in BW in the absence of any directed change of protein %, averaging 18.03%.

L. Bunger, G. Herrendorfer, U. Renne

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume XIII. Plenary lectures, molecular genetics and mapping, selection, prediction and estimation., , 321–324, 1990
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