Recently Id e n tifie d , Sekhawati breed of goat, is lo c a lize d in a sp ecified pocket of the Shekhawati region of north west In d ia, I t is ca lled as Modi -B akkri, which means goat without horns, in area of its in h a b ita tion . This breed is so lid coloured with predominent black colou r. • The body is covered with small hair of fin e textu re. Both male and females are p olled . Female goats have typ ic a l wedge shape of a dairy animal alongwith long neck. The average values fo r body w eight, height at w ithers pin-shoulder length and heart g irth , of adult males were 35.78+1.04 kg, 73.05+2.32, 76.82+1.92 and 74.37+2.03 cm and adult females were 23.78 + 1.24 kg, 68.92 + 2.24, 70.78+1.98 and 71.16+2.15 cm re sp ective ly . The m ilk y ie ld was 138.15+8.25 in la cta tio n period of 150.00+3.12 days. This goat may h opefu lly prove to be a good dairy breed i f developed on s c ie n t ific lin e s , through improved management, n u tritrio n a l betterment and s e le c tiv e breeding.

J. P Mittal

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume XIV. Dairy cattle genetics and breeding, adaptation and conservation., , 418–420, 1990
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