The ev-gene patterns of White Leghorn (WL; 6 lines). Medium Heavy brown egg laying (MH; 4 lines). White Plymouth Rock or broiler breeder dam (WPR; 8 lines) and Cornish or broiler breeder sire (2 lines) type chickens were compared. Southern blot analysis of Sstl-diaested genomic DNA of 152 chickens revealed that the number of ev-aenea in a WL type chicken is about half the number of that in a chicken from the MH, WPR or Cornish type. Also, the number of different genes found within a line was much lower in WL lines (x=10.0 bands/line) as that in the three other types (x= 16.0 in the broiler type lines and 20.5 in the MH lines). When the mean number of different genes per line is divided by the mean number of genes per chicken the same ratio, approximately 4, is found within each of the four types of chickens. All ev-oenes detected contained the "env" (3') part of the viral genome. Only 8 ev-fragments, found in 7 animals of 2 lines, lacked the "gag" (5') part of the viral genome.

H. JM Aarts, M. C van der Hulst, G. Beuving, F. R Leenstra

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume XIII. Plenary lectures, molecular genetics and mapping, selection, prediction and estimation., , 147–150, 1990
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