10 the present stud? an approach for the evaluation of coys and sires based on the calculation of costs dne to reduced fitness was developed and the usability of that 'fitness costs' for breeding purposes investigated. The study is based on data for 4319 German Friesian cows from 137 Rhenish herdbook farms. The most important components of the fitness costs were the veterinary costs in case of diseases, prolonged calving interval, reduced milk performance in case of diseases and the costs for the replacement of a coy. The results of our study suggest, that breeding activities based on the approach of calculating fitness costs can he efficient. For the fitness costs relatively high genetic variances yere found. Further a genetic antagonism betyeen the fitness and the milk performance yas estimated. Betyeen the fitness and the overall profitability a remarkable genetic correlation yas found.

M. Mayer, D. Simon

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume 17. Genetics and breeding of dairy and beef cattle, swine and horses, , 89–92, 1994
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