Two rabbit strains have been selected during IS generations, one, the A1077, to improve the litter size at weaning, the other, the A2066, the litter size at birth. Data of 10541 litters from 2205 A 1077 dams and data of 5580 litters from 1144 A2066 dams arc analyzed. Values of heritabilities and (standard-errors), first for A 1077 then A2066 0.07 (0.02) or 0.06 (0.02) for born alive, 0.03 (0.02) or 0.04 (0.03) for weaned, 0.07 (0.02) 0.08 (0.03) for total litter weight and 0.09 (0.03) or 0.08 (0.03) for individual weight at weaning arc lower than that observed in bibliography. We observe a response to the selection and corellated responses on litter sizes. In both strains, the total litter weight follow's the litter sizes but below. The mean individual weight decreases. The selection response on selected trait is 0.162 (0.004) in A1077 strain and 0.152 (0.008) in A2066 strain.

H. de Rochambeau, G. Bolet, F. Tudela

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume 19. Selection and quantitative genetics; growth; reproduction; lactation; fish; fiber; meat., , 257–260, 1994
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