Here we report the first evidence that the point mutation located +15 relative to the transcription start point of the a-lactalbumin gene, previously reported to exist only in Holsteins, also is present in another dairy breed, the Swedish Red and White. Altogether 78 cows with weekly recordings on milk yield and composition were genotyped for the (+15) polymorphism as well as for the recently reported mutation 1689 basepairs 5' of the a-lactalbumin transcription start point. The two linked point mutations were analysed as a combined aggregate genotype. The results indicate a relationship between a-lactalbumin (-1689) polymorphism and concentration of lactose in milk, where cows with the (+15) BB in combination with (-1689) AA genotype had .08 percentage units more lactose per kg of milk (P<.014) than cows with the same (+15) genotype but with the AB genotype at the (-1689) mutation.

A. Lunden, M. Lindersson

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume 25: Lactation; growth and efficiency; meat quality; role of exotic breeds in the tropics; design of village breeding programs; n, , 47–50, 1998
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