A pedigree analysis was used to investigate association of bovine growth hormone (bGH) loci with milk production traits in Holstein cattle. Three-hundred Holstein bulls were typed for three bGH loci: the polymorphism found in exon V; the polymorphism found in intron C; and the polymorphism found in the 3' region of the gene. Phenotypic data were daughter deviations for milk, fat, and protein yield, and fat and protein percentage. A two-step three-point linkage analysis was applied to the data, using pairs of bGH loci as markers linked to a putative biallelic quantitative trait locus (QTL). Parameters were estimated by maximum likelihood techniques. The estimated recombination fraction was close to 0 for milk yield and protein percentage, indicating physical linkage between a QTL affecting these traits and the bGH loci; however, LOD scores were less than one.

A. E Freeman, Natascha Vukasinovic, S. K DeNise

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume 23: Opening: plenary; technology; transfer; beef cattle; dairy cattle; pigs., , 471–474, 1998
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