Predicted transmitting abilities (PTA) for somatic cell scores (SCS) have been calculated and released to the US dairy industry since 1994. Phenotypically, SCS appear to be decreasing on a population basis, but genetic trends are small. Genetic trends among bulls sampled by artificial- insemination (AI) organizations also are small. Correlations of sire PTA for SCS and PTA for yield traits were near 0, but correlations of PTA for SCS with PTA for productive life were near - .30 for Holsteins.

M. M Schutz, G. R Wiggans

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume 25: Lactation; growth and efficiency; meat quality; role of exotic breeds in the tropics; design of village breeding programs; n, , 15–18, 1998
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