Milking speed of dairy goats is a candidate trait for selection. Before including this trait in a selection programme it is necesary to know its genetic variation and its relationship to other economically important traits. Genetic parameters estimated on Station indicated that milking speed, defined as the quantity collected during the first minute of milking, exhibits high heritability (0.62) and repeatability (0.82). The genetic correlations between milking speed and milk yield, fat content and protein content on a total lactation basis were low thus suggesting that direct selection of milking speed could be efficient. Perspectives for research include the association between milking speed, udder characteristics and udder health.

H. Ilahi, P. Chastin, J. Martin, F. Monod, E. Manfredi

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume 24: Sheep and goats (fibre); sheep and goats (meat and milk); poultry; horses; buffaloes., , 216–219, 1998
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