Muscle growth rates of the thoracic limb, torso and pelvic limb of normal and calhpyge wether lambs between 6 and 77 kg were estimated by regression using dissected muscle data. Regression equations predicting muscle growth rates accounted for 88 to 97 % of the variation. Growth rates of thoracic limb muscles were not greatly influenced by the callipyge gene. Growth rates of longissimus and psoas major were higher in calhpyge lambs (37 and 27 %, respectively). Growth rates of all pelvic limb muscles were also significantly higher in calhpyge lambs; the semimembranosus grew 45 % faster in calhpyge lambs. Further studies are needed to detei mine the muscle specificity and biological nature of the callipyge gene for enhancing lamb carcasses. Keywords: lamb, muscle, growth, calhpyge

G. D Snowder, S. K Duckett, N. E Cockett

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume 25: Lactation; growth and efficiency; meat quality; role of exotic breeds in the tropics; design of village breeding programmes;, , 109–112, 1998
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