Bio-economic simulation is the most promising technology for evaluating production systems. The genetic inputs to simulation models should satisfy two criteria: (1) they must indicate underlying genetic potential—genetic potential that is not compromised by the constraints commonly found in field data—and (2) they must measure traits that are logical inputs for mechanistic modeling. Physiological breeding values (PhBVs) are such inputs. They are the conceptual offspring of a marriage of statistical and biological approaches. Researchers need to develop methods for translating current genetic predictions to PhBVs, likely using an assortment of techniques, some purely statistical, some deterministic.

R. M Bourdon, R. M Enns

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume 27: Reproduction; fish breeding; genetics and the environment; genetics in agricultural systems; disease resistance; animal welf, , 227–234, 1998
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