The effect of dairy cattle improvement to the disease resistance will be conducive to increasing of the livestock longevity. The best approach to animal breeding for resistance according Karlikov (1986) is using the indices of the immunereaetivity The titers of the pre-vacciation antibodies to Brucella abortus and Salmonella dublin antigenes of 213 Black-and-White cows from West Siberia were studied 3 cattle’s groups were revealed with low, middle and high responce against both antigenes. The longevity and the morbidity among these groups were studied The significant differences of mean longevity have been detected between cows with low, middle and high pre-vaccination antibodies titers. The low response level’s cows were characterized by the least longevity. The high-response level’s cows were characterized by the largest longevity and minimal morbidity by some diseases

E. V Telezhenko, V. G Marenkov, N. L Gejko, N. N Kochnev, V. L Petuchov

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume 27: Reproduction; fish breeding; genetics and the environment; genetics in agricultural systems; disease resistance; animal welf, , 367–369, 1998
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