A polymerase chain reaction (PCR) method was used to amplify a 345 bp region of intron 3 of the growth hormone (GH) gene and a 836 bp fragment from the 5' flanking region of the GH-receptor (GHR) gene. Digestion of the 345 GH fragment revealed an Mspl polymorphism and digestion of the 836 bp fragment revealed an AM polymorphism. The GH and GHR polymorphism and their interactive effect on milk related traits in 128 Holsteins bulls were tested under a linear model. There was no effect of the Mspl GH polymorphism; however, the AM polymorphism in the GHR gene was associated with milk yield. The significant interaction of the GH/GHR genotypes for milk protein was due to synergistic effect of the two genotypes. This is an example of the dependence of the effect of an allele in one gene (GH) on the allele in another gene (GHR). The study also suggests these markers may be useful for selection at the DNA level.

Samuel E Aggrey, J. Yao, D. Zadworny, J. F Hayes, U. Kuhnlein

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume 26: Quantitative genetic theory; selection theory and experiments; internationalisation of breeding programs; detection of quant, , 281–284, 1998
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