Effective use of the World Wide Web can substantially improve the rate of information dissemination, thus increasing the rate of technical development. Animal breeders have only begun to use some of the features and capability of the web. However, several innovative ideas have recently been proposed and new capabilities have been added to Web services. In this paper I propose three goals for Web content in animal breeding. We, as a virtual community, should try to achieve these goals within eighteen months. By doing so we will not only begin to more effectively us the potential of the Web but we will provide guidance and experience to help us with future Web content development. The three goals are 1) develop an online database of variance components estimates of livestock species, 2) develop a distributed pre-print/reprint/e-print archive of animal breeding literature, and 3) develop a world wide breeding simulation game

B. L Golden

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume 27: Reproduction; fish breeding; genetics and the environment; genetics in agricultural systems; disease resistance; animal welf, , 409–414, 1998
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