The animals of major relevance to milk producers are not necessarily the ones that produce more milk, or fat or protein, nor the ones that are more efficient reproductively. The animals of major value to producers are the ones that make more money for the enterprise.  Considering cow profitability as an objective of selection could increase the genetic gain for economic returns. However, not much has been done on this task.  In order to include measures of profitability in animal breeding programs it is important to know their genetic and phenotypic parameters estimates and also to identify the relationship between these measures and biological traits recorded early in the life of animals.  The aims of this study were to estimate genetic parameters of the economic measures of dairy cows, Lifetime net income (LNI), Net income at the end of first lactation (NI1), Income over feed costs at the end of first lactation (IOFC1), and total Milk yield in first lactation (MY1) and also to estimate the correlated response in LNI when using NI1, IOFC1 or MY1 as selection criteria.

J. Jamrozik, Larry R Schaeffer

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume 2002. Session 1, , 1.03, 2002
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