In contrast to the well studied human and murine MHCs, very little is known about the genomic organization of non-mammalian MHCs. Although some information is already available for a number of avian MHC systems, chicken MHC is the most studied. The B locus spans 92 kb on a microchromosome, namely chromosome 16. This system contains 19 genes, and is about 20-fold smaller than the human MHC (Kaufman et al., 1999). Within the B locus there are two loci containing the classical class I (B-F) and class II (B-L) β genes homologous to human MHC (Kaufman et al., 1999 ; MHCSC, 1999). Other B complex genes homologous to genes found in the human MHC are Tapasin, Ring3, DMα, DMß, TAP1, TAP2, and C4. Chicken MHC also contains the B-G (class IV) gene, so far identified only in this species. Within the B locus there is only one gene homologous to the human class III, the complement component C4. Skjødt and co-workers (1985) showed that no recombination occurs between chicken class I and class II regions. 

Francis Barillet, O. Andreoletti, I. Palhiere, X. Aguerre, J. M Arranz, S. Minery, C. Soulas, J. P Belloc, M. Briois, G. Fregeat, P. Teinturier, Y. Amigues, J. M Astruc, M. Y Boscher, F. Schelcher

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume 2002. Session 13, , 13.2, 2002
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